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Week 6 Discussion Questions 3. The writers this week come from a few different countries. How do you think national identity influences a woman’s writing? The concept of national identity is complex, and its intensity, character, and origins vary with time and place. One can state with fair certainty that most people see themselves as part of a wider community, one that was occasionally national in scope, and that religion, language, and local political structures played prominent roles in determining that identity. This all plays into how a person writes. From the way that these women live to the way that they picture the outside world, all affects what they are going to write on that page. I also think that conversations that women had with other women and men make a difference. I believe for the most part that women in this time period wrote about themselves or their friends and family. Maybe it was something that happened to them but they didn’t want anyone to know, so they wrote about it in character. They also wrote about their dreams and other relationships that they saw which all ties into their
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