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University of North Texas--Department of Political Science American Government--PSCI 1050.007 Fall Term 2009 Instructor info: Kathryn McCauley Office hours: M –1-3 p.m.; T- 3-5 p.m.(& by appointment) -322AA University Union Phone: (940) 565-2614 (please identify yourself as a Political Science student) Class: Tues-Thurs., 12:30 – 1:50 p.m. Lyceum Teaching Assistants: To be announced and posted on Blackboard! Blackboard – The syllabus, discussion forum, announcements, grades and chapter powerpoints will be posted to Blackboard. In order to access this website, do the following: Go to the UNT homepage ( ) Click on Blackboard, at the top of the page IMPORTANT: YOU MUST ALLOW POP-UPS ON THIS SITE Login with your EIUD and password Click on PSCI 1050, Section 7 Required Texts/Sites : 1) Morris P. Fiorina, Paul LE. Peterson, Bertram Johnson, William G. Mayer. 2009 (6 th ed., Texas Edition). The New American Democracy . New York: Pearson/Longman. [hereinafter Fiorina et al.]. 2) Gloria C. Cox, editor. 2007 (8 th ed.). Processes & Policies in American and Texas Politics: A Workbook for Political Science 1050 . Denton, TX: University of North Texas Press. Note: Be sure to get the one with the RED cover. [hereinafter Workbook]. For copyright reasons, the workbook is not on reserve. T.A.s have copies in their office if you decide not to purchase it. 3) “Texas Politics,” University of Texas at Austin, 2005, Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services, [hereinafter Texas Politics Website] Attendance -- While there is no mandatory attendance policy, attendance will be taken. You are urged to attend, because class lectures will emphasize key areas that you should study. If you have near perfect attendance (missed no more than 2 classes), you will receive 10 extra credit points added to your final. This is an early class. If you arrive late and the sign-in sheet has passed your desk, you can’t go hunting it down. If you fail to sign in, you’ll be considered absent. Extra Credit – You will have opportunities to earn extra credit points as we progress through the semester. These points will be added to your final exam grade. If you miss class, chances are you’ll miss announcements about extra credit. All extra credits must be turned in to the T.A. by the beginning of class on the day that they are due. Late extra credits will not be accepted. All extra credits must be in paper form (electronic copies will not be accepted) and must have your name and seat number on the top or they will be returned to you without credit. Assignments - There are five workbook assignments, and each one consists of three different exercises. You must complete all three parts and turn them in at the beginning of class on the day it is due. Once the TA collects the assignments, no work will be accepted from latecomers. Each student is required to submit his/her own copies of the workbook assignments (you cannot submit one
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Syllabus - University of North Texas-Department of...

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