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Unformatted text preview: Maintaining and Maintaining and Repairing Relationships Relationship Maintenance Relationship Maintenance A dynamic process including cognitive, affective, and behavioral dynamics that assist in preserving a relationship. Relationship maintenance mechanisms Cognitive Maintenance Mechanisms –1 –2 –3 –4 Cognitive Maintenance Cognitive Maintenance Mechanisms Behavioral Maintenance Behavioral Maintenance Mechanisms Willingness to sacrifice Accommodation Play Forgiveness Michelangelo phenomenon Positivity Relationship Maintenance Relationship Maintenance Strategies Sharing Activities Support Conflict Openness Assurances Sharing a Social Network Sharing Tasks management Humor Avoidance Importance of maintenance Importance of maintenance Maintenance behavior is associated with Most important maintenances behaviors – Greater fondness – Greater commitment – Satisfaction – Positivity – Assurances – Sharing tasks Keep at it Who Does More Maintenance? Who Does More Maintenance? Wives shown to engage in more maintenance than husbands – Social roles When husbands do maintenance, it is more highly valued. – Men given more credit when they do enact maintenance behaviors. Repairing relationships—Do it Repairing relationships—Do it Yourself Advice from TV, magazines, and self­help books – Cons Backgrounds of writers vary – some may present ill­ May imply change is easy ­ may give reader an over­ Leave readers to diagnose own problems Discussion of problem & solution not tailored for readers needs No one to monitor compliance/ give feedback Inexpensive Helpful if person is ashamed to go to therapy Can refer to them many times Easily accessible Gives reader positive attitude & encouragement optimistic view informed positions – Pros Preventive Maintenance Preventive Maintenance Premarital counseling (PREP program) – Speaker­listener technique Provides a structure for calm, clear communication about contentious issues that promotes the use of active listening skills and increases the chances that partners will understand and validate each other despite their disagreement. Marital Therapy Marital Therapy Individual therapy – One of the partners discusses the client’s relationship with own therapist Collaborative therapy – Both partners have own therapist, and the two therapists consult each other Conjoint therapy – One therapist sees both partners together in same session (most common) Conjoint group therapy – One + therapists works with several couples in group sessions Core features of marital therapies Core features of marital therapies Primary Focus on Therapeutic Approach Behavioral Couple Therapy Cognitive­Behavioral Couple therapy Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy Emotionally Focused Therapy Insight­Oriented Couple Therapy Behavior, cognitions, or emotions Behavior Cognitions Emotions Individual or couple Present or past Couple Both Both Present Present Present Emotions Emotions and Cognitions Both Individual Present Past ...
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