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Unformatted text preview: Sexual Decision Making Sexual Decision Making Standards in Non­Marital Decision Standards in Non­Marital Decision Making Abstinence Permissiveness with Affection non­exploitive Numerous reasons for this Permissiveness without Affection Permissiveness without Affection may not both agree What influences the initiation of sex What influences the initiation of sex in a relationship? Arousal/Receptivity Enjoyment (positive) Impaired decision making (negative) Manipulation of one partner through persuasion, Obligation/Pressure persistence, and dishonesty Force, insults, ridicule and guilt induction Perceived expectation Ex. If you loved me you would have sex with me Men feel more pressure than women to have intercourse What influences the initiation of sex What influences the initiation of sex in a relationship? Circumstance Alcohol Prom Special Occasion Valentines Day Opportunity B­day Privacy (being alone allowing you to have sex) Necessary Conditions Necessary Conditions Knowledge Legal Access Motivation Attitudes Importance of Knowledge Importance of Knowledge Knowledge of Contraception Increased knowledge does NOT increase sexual behavior. Programs providing education on sexuality, contraception, counseling and other services show… 1. Decrease in number starting sexual activity by 67% in 14 year old girls and pregnancy rate dropped 30% 2. Increased of 58% in control group over 3 years Legal Access Legal Access Over the counter methods Condoms, etc. Issues with obtaining the pill or other forms of birth control. Motivation Motivation Higher Socioeconomic status Age Especially for women Especially for women Knowledge Pressure Attitudes towards Sex Attitudes towards Sex People with more positive and open attitudes towards sex are MORE likely to use contraception. 1. Lower amount of sex guilt People with sex guilt are less likely to anticipate sex and have/use contraception. Women are deterred by how men will perceive them. ...
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