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Chapter 8 Lecture Notes

Chapter 8 Lecture Notes - Chapter 8 1 Chapter 8 State of...

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Chapter 8 Chapter 8: State of Arizona v. Chapple Lecture Notes Lesson : Using Social Knowledge to Educate Legal Decision Makers Example : Eyewitness Identification Case : State of Arizona v. Chapple Court : Arizona Supreme Court What is Educational Testimony? Educational Testimony is meant to educate the jury so that it can perform its decision making functions better: E.g., An expert testifies about the science behind the eyewitness identification process , and the problems all people face when trying to identify someone Contrast that with testimony offered to resolve a factual dispute in a case (see Chapter 6): E.g. , Expert testifies about whether the eyewitness in a case was accurate or inaccurate Facts in Arizona v. Chapple This is a case involving 3 sets of “bad guys” Drug Buyer ( Coley with people he calls Dee’ and Eric’ ) Drug Dealer ( Varnes with Ortiz and Elsy ) Middlemen ( Scott and Pamela Buck, his sister) who connect the buyer and the dealer Coley (buyer) wanted to buy 300 pounds of marijuana, and asked Scott to be the middleman and find a dealer Scott (middleman) was to get $700 for his efforts Scott called Pamela Buck (his sister; middleman) for help securing the marijuana She asked Varnes (dealer) to supply the drugs Coley (buyer) arrived at the ‘buy’ site with people he called Dee’ (buyer) and Eric’ (buyer) Varnes (dealer) arrived with Ortiz (dealer) and Elsy (dealer) They began to unload the marijuana, and put it in the trailer Buck (middleman) was in the trailer with the Coley, Eric and Dee (buyers) 1
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Chapter 8 Coley or Dee (buyers) told Buck (middleman) that she should lock herself in the bathroom after the marijuana was unloaded Dee (buyer) suggested to Varnes (dealer) that they go in the bedroom and count the money While in the bathroom, Buck (middleman) heard several shots and ran out Scott (middleman) heard the shots while he was on the porch of his parents home, and saw a door of the trailer open Elsy (dealer) ran out, pursued by either Eric or Dee (buyers) After seeing his sister (Buck) run out of the front door, Scott (middleman) went to the trailer and found Varnes and Ortiz (dealers) dead. He found Elsy (dealer) dead outside. Eric and Dee (buyers) asked for driving directions to Kansas City, and then left in the car containing the marijuana Coley (buyer) gave Scott and Buck $500 each ($300. more than the agreed upon $700.) Coley (buyer) then called the airport and reserved a seat to Washington, D.C., under the name of James Logan Scott (middleman) contacted a lawyer, who succeeded in negotiating immunity from prosecution for him and his sister (Buck; middleman) Eyewitness Identification during Police Interrogation December 16, 1977
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Chapter 8 Lecture Notes - Chapter 8 1 Chapter 8 State of...

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