Lecture 4 Notes - Lecture4:TheEtruscanNecropolisofCerveteri...

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Lecture 4: The Etruscan Necropolis of Cerveteri 1/26/2009 Cerveteri- city state North of Rome (friendly with Romans) A. Agylla- 30,000 in the sixth century B.C. Used very large tombs 3 different harbors Cerveteri is Necropolis- city of the dead Tombs in the streets 675 B.C. rounded type tombs 1. Tolfa Mountains, Lake Bracciano Very good for mining Limestone 2. Tufa plain four miles from sea with two torrents 3. Pyrgi, Alsium, Punicum 4. Sorbo Necropolis southwest of town B.The Regolini-Galassi Tomb 1. 1. 650 B.C.- rebordered 6th century B.C.
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2. 5 tombs added to original 3. Dromos- doorway with a passageway of steps 4. Camera- long chamber in which they would put the funeral couch 5. Sigillum- 6. Tamburo- crepis, torus, listellum Mound of Earth above the tomb Crepis- series of modeling surrounding the tomb 7. Alae- right ala with man in bronze biconic urn, left with burned biga
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Lecture 4 Notes - Lecture4:TheEtruscanNecropolisofCerveteri...

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