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Villanovan : "Villanovans" is the general name given to Iron Age inhabitants of Central and Northern Italy; they can be considered early Etruscans (spanning 1000-700BCE), but are generally thought of as a different people. They lived in simple huts, but were skilled metal workers. They buried their dead with elaborate bronze belts and helmets, as well as iron knives and swords. However, they later turned to cremation. They also created Impasto Ware, which was produced using a coiling technique. Etruscan : Began to develop from around 675-600 BCE (Archaic I). Starting around the 8th century BCE (northwest of Rome), objects began showing the influence of Greece and Phoenicia, Assyria, and the Near East. The characteristics of art began to change and a written language appeared for the first time among these people. By the 7th century, the Etruscans were flourishing and distinctly different from their predecessors (Villanovans). Their territories were called Etruria, which was made up of 12 city states. Tyrrhenian Sea : Sea off the western coast of Italy. This sea may derive its name from Tyrrhenus, who supposedly led a migration from Lydia. The immigrants may have eventually become the Etruscan people. .. Roman Republic : Began around 509BCE after the expulsion of King Tarquinius Superbus. There was a stark contrast between classes (of which there were only two). You could be a patrician (aristocrat) or a plebian (generally associated with the lower class). People were governed by
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Quiz1Terms - Villanovan: "Villanovans" is the general name...

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