Human Sexuality Chapter 3

Human Sexuality Chapter 3 - Human Sexuality Notes Chapter 3...

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Human Sexuality Notes Chapter 3 Same-Gender Orientation o Intimate relationships often blurred with same-gender sexual relationships o Same gender romantic friendships were universally considered to lack any genital component in times prior to the 20 th century o It was not at all uncommon for a woman to become involved in a lifelong relationship with another woman or a man to become involved with another man or a male prostitute The Incidence of Sexually Transmitted Diseases o The prevalence of STDs was astoundingly high in the late Victorian period o Syphilis and gonorrhea were among some of them The Progressive Era (1910-1919) o The term New Woman came to refer to the changes in ever greater numbers of young, 20 th century women in terms of self-sufficiency, attitudes, interests, and behavior (greater economic, social, and political independence) o The appearance of New Woman was made possible by the movement of women into the workplace o Charity Girl referred to women who engaged in sexual activity such as touching or other sexual behavior for gifts, access to entertainment or amusements, or simply for excitement o Flamboyant, more risqué became fashionable The Roaring Twenties (1920-1929) o Beginning of the first Sexual Revolution in the United States with liberalization of sexual attitudes and increases in sexual behavior o Development of gender roles in sexuality, with men seen as needing to inspire passion in women o Sexual orientation came to be seen as an inherent characteristic of individuals, with homosexuality becoming the negative, unhealthy inversion of heterosexuality The Great Depression (1930-1939) o Dating transforming from a means of evaluating prospective mates to a way to socialize with peers and pursue entertainment World War II (1940-1949) o Substantial numbers of men engaged in sex while out of the country fighting in
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Human Sexuality Chapter 3 - Human Sexuality Notes Chapter 3...

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