Human Sexuality Chapter 7

Human Sexuality Chapter 7 - Chapter 7- The Sexual Self and...

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Chapter 7- The Sexual Self and Sexual Identity: Some people act on their sexual feelings and hook up with random guys where as others do not act on their feelings and hide them. Along with this idea, some people have motivations behind their behaviors where as others use sexual activity to hide other things going on in their life. Sexual identity is in act related to gender- identity, one’s sense of being female or male in a biological sense; sexual identity is also related to gender-role identity, one’s sense of possessing characteristics stereotypically associated with gender. Thoughts about ourselves is provided by four different means: o Introspection: capable of monitoring and evaluating a great deal of the important aspects of our behavior, as well as the goals that guide it. Most of our internal psychological activities and processes are simply not accessible by our conscious processes. o Self-perception: Observing how we behave and then inferring what we are like and what our motives are. o Reflected appraisal: Observing others’ reactions to us as we engage in behavior and interact with them. “The looking glass self”. o Social comparison: the process of evaluating our behavior, attributes, abilities, beliefs, and feelings in terms of how they compare with those of others. Used especially in situations in which we are unsure how to act. o Distinctiveness effect : individuals are much more likely to focus on aspects of themselves that are unique or that distinguish them from others. Characteristics that are relatively rare or infrequent tend to be noticed and may become defining features of one’s self-concept. o Reflected Appraisal : process through which we obtain information about what we are like on the basis of others’ reactions to our behavior. o
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Human Sexuality Chapter 7 - Chapter 7- The Sexual Self and...

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