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Human Sexuality Notes - Human Sexuality Chapter 6...

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Human Sexuality Chapter 6 Intersexuality o External sex organs are neither clearly a penis and scrotum, nor a clitoris, and labia Sex o Referring to biological distinctions between males and females o Consists of two highly related components genetic sex and anatomical sex o Genetic Sex The type of genetic coding passed along to the individual at the time that the sperm of the biological father fertilizes the egg of the biological mother Sex Chromosomes The two chromosomes that make up the 23 rd pair are responsible for influencing the development of parts of the body that are typically different for male or females Genetic Female Two X chromosomes that make up the 23 rd pair Genetic Male XY combination that makes up the 23 rd pair o Anatomical Sex Refers to the organs of the body that are traditionally considered central to the defining sex, specifically the genitals and the internal organs associated with the functioning of the genitals Androgens The Y chromosome typically results in the production of male sex hormones, which as a group are called androgens Several of these hormones are responsible for the development of certain tissues in the body of the embryo that produce the internal and external organs o the male genitals Gender o Refers to the differences between males and females that are not determined largely by biological factors, but they are likely to be influenced strongly by social and cultural forces o Refers to the psychological, social, and cultural meanings associated with the existence of maleness and femaleness o The term gender is almost always used to cover any aspect of maleness and femaleness o Assigned Gender The label given to an infant, usually at birth, identifying him or her as either male or female o Gender Identity The basic understanding of oneself as being either a girl or a birth that to an extent results from the assigned gender given to a person
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o Identity A sense of the characteristics and abilities one possesses An emotional evaluation of one’s attributes, most often a positive valuing and deep affection for what one is like o Self A term used in social psychology to refer to this cognitive and affective sense of oneself, takes on a special importance in understanding the world o Eckes and Trautner o A matrix is a grid framework used to arrange items into categories o In this model, gender is thought to be expressed along four dimensions: o Constructs The types of psychological processes or behaviors affected by the concept of gender within a given culture Constructs consist of: Beliefs o Gender related concepts (stereotypes) o Refers to the knowledge that individuals develop concerning the meaning of gender Identity o Self-perception (one’s understanding of what he or she is like) Preferences o Desire to engage in gender related behaviors Behavioral Enactment o The actual overt behaviors typically displayed
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Human Sexuality Notes - Human Sexuality Chapter 6...

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