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Week 4 DQ 2 - Furthermore when discussing lipids bile is...

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Week 4 DQ 2 If you have ever poured oil into a glass of water, you have seen that these two  substances do not mix. Knowing this, how do lipids move through the body so  they can be digested and absorbed?  Explain your answer. How are lipids stored in the body?  Explain your answer. Lipids are another type of organic molecule that contains carbon. When we discuss fats, we should know that they are lipids. Lipids are also used to make steroids and waxes. For instance, nature uses wax to coat and protect things. Bees produce wax and even our ears produce wax. Plant leaves also have wax on the outside of their leaves. Lipids can be used for structures such as the bees' honeycombs. Moreover in nature, wax can be used for protection. One example of this can be seen when plants use wax to stop evaporation of water from their leaves.
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Unformatted text preview: Furthermore when discussing lipids, bile is produced in the liver and is discharged from the gallbladder disintegrating the fats into smaller molecules. Those smaller molecules are broken down by material produced by the pancreas, enzymes. The smaller molecules are called micelles, which are added to the absorption of the lipids. At this point the discharged bile returns to the liver. The production of bile is how lipids move within the body to be digested and absorbed in the small intestine. The absorption of lipids in the small intestine is constructed into lipoproteins and enters into the blood flowing through our circulatory system. After this transition starts the lipids are collected and put aside in the body in various forms such as cholesterol and energy to be used simultaneously or stored for later use....
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