Week 2 Human Digestion Checkpoint

Week 2 Human Digestion Checkpoint - Week 2 Human Digestion...

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Week 2 Human Digestion Checkpoint The process of digestion begins when food enters the mouth. Food is chewed up by the teeth and mixed up with salvia as the tongue moves the food particles around for about one minute. At this point the food becomes a soft mass called bolus, then the bolus is swallowed and enters the throat (pharynx) and passes into the esophagus. After the food has traveled down the path through the mouth, throat and the esophagus, the next major part of the digestive system it enters is the stomach and small intestines. As the bolus enters the stomach it is combined with acid secretions turning the bolus into chyme. The chyme mass is stored in the stomach physically and chemically digesting the broke down food particles for two to six hours before the chyme empties into the small intestine. Once the chyme enters the small intestine this is where the chemical breakdown and is the main site for absorbing the remaining nutrients into the bloodstream. The duodenum, jejunum and ileum are the three sections that make up the small intestine. The first
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