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Kaitlin Doherty Professor Running Music Fundamentals 12/7/09 Cover Music Should anyone be able to remake a song? This issue is met every day in the music industry. A recording of a song that was previously recorded or made popular by another is called cover music (Cover version). There are many disputes over cover music. What should be allowed, who can make a cover and how much can they change or keep the same? Today we have legal standards for this but it still causes disagreements among artists. There are many different types of cover music. Tribute bands perform music recreated from one particular artist. Some examples of tribute bands are Riff Raff, covering AC/DC, and Arrival, the Journey tribute. Cover acts perform a broad variety of material, usually hit songs. Revivalist bands are performers who are inspired by an entire genre of music (Cover Band). Many bands have single covers of another artist’s song, for example “Light My Fire” originally sung by The Doors and covered by Jose Feliciano. They may change the rhythm, tempo, or even lyrics of the song. Then there are parody bands which are bands that only play covers, changing the lyrics to be humorous. These bands normally cover all different types of genres. Some examples of parody bands are Bob Rivers and Tenacious D.
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Cover Music - Kaitlin Doherty Professor Running Music...

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