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BOOK CLUB PAPER REQUIREMENTS/RHETORICAL ANALYSIS A “rhetorical analysis” is essentially a breaking down of a text into its functional pieces. Determine what the writer is trying to accomplish and what strategies he/she is using (or attempting to use) to achieve his/her goals. You must read critically . Go beyond being „interested‟ or „bored‟ and analyze how the work has achieved its intended effect. To do that, you must identify the intended effect! Consider the following questions as you begin to write your group paper (10-12 pages): 1. What is the subject? Does the subject mean anything to you? Is the subject controversial? 2. What is the thesis (the overall main point)? 3. What is the tone of the text? Do you react emotionally or intellectually? Does your reaction change throughout – if so, where? Why? 4. What is the writer‟s purpose? To explain? To inform? To anger? Persuade? Amuse? Motivate? Ridicule? Is there more than one purpose? Does the purpose shift at all throughout the text? 5. How does the writer develop his/her ideas? Narration? Description? Definition? Comparison? Analogy? Cause and Effect? Example? Why does the writer use these methods
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