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Kaitlin Doherty 9/10/09 ENGL 102 – 008 Shelagh Smith p. 867 Vocab, p. 870 Writing #3 Homework Word Count:207 Fleetness: swift; rapid: Supplant: to take the place of (another), as through force, scheming, strategy, or the like Injurious: harmful, hurtful, or detrimental, as in effect Stamens: the pollen-bearing organ of a flower, consisting of the filament and the anther Pistils: the ovule-bearing or seed-bearing female organ of a flower, consisting when complete of ovary, style, and stigma Darwin’s theory of evolution was constructed mainly for animals and plants, excluding humans. Modern society has thrown the theory of evolution out the window for us. We no long
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Unformatted text preview: judge people by who is the fittest. Today fertility is less of an obstacle than ever. Most people who would be unable to reproduce in nature can now go to fertility banks. They are able to use their eggs and sperms and still pass their genes on. If this continues there is a chance that the whole system of survival of the fittest will be thrown out-of-wack and when it comes time for the fittest to survive in society they may have all died. If this happens the people who are alive will probably die and we will face the extinction of the human race, so yes Darwin’s theory can have disastrous consequences for use....
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