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hw4 - for or while loops Implement the algorithm in MATLAB...

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COT 4501 Homework 4, Fall 2009 Assigned Thurs Sept 24, Due Thurs Oct 1 See the HW Policy at: http://www.cise.ufl.edu/ davis/cot4501 Review problems: R2.74 and R2.75 Exercises: E2.35 and E2.37 (hint: use the definition that A is positive definite if x T Ax > 0 for any nonzero vector x ). Computer problems: Starting with the 2-by-2 block matrix B given in E2.37, derive a recursive Cholesky factorization algorithm. No
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Unformatted text preview: for or while loops. Implement the algorithm in MATLAB, and test it (either compare your result with the MATLAB chol statement, or check the norm of A-LL T ). An n-by-n test matrix can be constructed in MATLAB via: A = rand (n) ; A = A’*A ; Refer to my lecture notes for details. 1...
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