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MATH 262: Intermediate Calculus (Fall 2009) Required Textbook : Calculus. Several Variables, by R. Adams, Sixth Edition, Pearson/Addison-Wesley (2006), ISBN 0-321- 30716-X Reference : Multivariable Calculus, J. Stewart, 6 th Edition Prerequisites : MATH 141, MATH 133 or equivalent. Topics to be covered : Chapter 9. Sequences, Series, and Power Series 9.1 Sequences and Conver- gence. 9.2 Infinite Series. 9.3 Convergence Tests for Positive Series. 9.4 Absolute and Conditional Convergence. 9.5 Power Series. 9.6 Taylor and Maclaurin Series. 9.7 Applications of Taylor and Maclaurin Series. 9.8 The Binomial Theorem and Binomial Series( 10 hrs. 9.1 – 9.4 is mostly a review ) Chapter 10. Vectors and Coordinate Geometry in 3-Space 10.1 Analytic Geometry in Three Dimensions. 10.2 Vectors. 10.3 The Cross Product in 3-Space. 10.4 Planes and lines. 10.5 Quadric Surfaces. ( 4 hrs – a review ) Chapter 11. Vector Functions and Curves 11.1 Vector Functions of One Vari- able. 11.2 Some Applications of Vector Differentiation. 11.3 Curves and
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MATH262Course%20OutlineFall2009-1 - MATH 262: Intermediate...

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