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AE 321 Homework 2 Due in class on September 13 1. Find the rotation matrix [R] of direction cosines to transform: (a) 30° counter clockwise around axis x 3 , (b) 45° clockwise about x 3 , followed by 60° counterclockwise about x 1 2. Let G A = 2 G e 1 + 4 G e 2 + 2 G e 3 . Find the components of G A after performing a counter clockwise rotation of 45° around the x 2 axis. What is the magnitude of G A in each case? 3. Quantities a , u and W are a scalar, vector and two tensor field respectively (i.e. they are functions of position x 1 , x 2 , x 3 ). Prove the following identities using indicial notation:
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