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Unformatted text preview: AAE 221 – Aerospace Structures II – Spring 2004 Chapter 2.3 Beam Shearing 1. Consider the homogenous C-channel cantilever beam shown in Figure 1. The beam is of length L, and its cross-section is of uniform (small) thickness t. The dimensions of the beam can be expressed in terms of t as a = 25t and L = 1500t. The beam is made of steel (E = 210 GPa and v=.3). The loading of the beam is associated solely with two forces of amplitude F applied at the end of the beam as indicated in Figure 2 (one vertical, the other horizontal). Compute and plot the displacements and rotations of the beam. Note, throughout your computations, you may assume that t<<<a. figure 1 2. Consider the problem of a cantilever bimaterial T beam of length L, the cross-section of which is presented in figure 2 (Note a = 30t and L = 20a). The only load on the cantilever beam is a concentrated downward load P applied at the end of the beam (x = L) along the axis of symmetry. The top plate is twice as stiff as the vertical flange. Obtain the expression of all the stresses (axial and shear) everywhere in the beam (i.e., as a function of x, y, z). Locate the point of maximum tensile and compressive axial stress. (Note: use the modu7lus of the vertical flange as the reference modulus). figure 2 3. Read section P.5 in Donaldson’s book (pp. 465-470) and solve example P.8 and P.9 (pp. 467-469). Since the problem is already solved in the textbook, all you have to do is rewrite the solution making sure you understand (and check) every step. If the text just gives the final solution, you should detail the steps to that solution. ...
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