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ECE 206 Section F10 Experiment 5 Lab Write-up 1) Circuit A and circuit B are very similar, in that they both use a resistor as a load. As Vin increases the current through the transistor changes from zero, to a function of Vin, and then to a function of Vin and Vout, which represent the three modes of the transistor: cutoff, saturated, and nonsaturated. The current through circuit A and circuit B are governed by the same equations, but since the resistance load is different in each circuit, Vout drops off more sharply in circuit B. In circuit C, the load is a P-Channel MOSFET. In this circuit there are five regions of interest, which are dependent upon the operating mode of each transistor. All three circuits begin with Vout equaling Vin, while the N-Channel MOSFET in off. As Vin increases and each circuit enters its last region, however, Vout (circuit C) is less than Vout (circuit B), which is less than Vout (circuit A). This is because in circuit C
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