Religious-Note1 FYS Fall2007

Religious-Note1 FYS Fall2007 - Journal Note 1 FYS Fall 2007...

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Psychology Notes Ch. 7 Development Across the Lifespan o Developmental Psychology o From womb to tomb. o Study of physical, mental, and social changes throughout the human lifespan. Nature vs. Nurture Continuity vs. Stages Stability vs. Change Nature vs. Nurture o Nature- the influence of our inherited (genetic) characteristics on our personality, physical growth, intellectual growth, and social interactions. o Nurture- every non-genetic influence, from prenatal nutrition to the people and things around us. o Behavioral Genetics- study of the relative power and limits of genetic and environmental influences on behavior. i.e. nature vs. nurture. o Genetics and Development o Genetics- the science of inherited traits. o DNA- Complex “double helix” molecule Contains the genetic code. o Chromosomes Strands of DNA Gene carriers Chromosome Disorders: Down syndrome Klinefelter’s syndrome Turner’s syndrome 23X+23Y=46 total chromosomes per person o Gene- biochemical hereditary units that make up the chromosomes Dominant- when present, this gene always actively controls trait expression Recessive- gene that when present, does not actively control trait expression. o
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Religious-Note1 FYS Fall2007 - Journal Note 1 FYS Fall 2007...

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