response#5u - take her topic on a more abstract approach my...

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Dr. Campbell Writing Workshop Reading Response #5 Reading Response Confusion is defined as lack of understanding; uncertainty. That is how I felt reading the past two pieces by Pratt and Rosaldo. I do not know whether it was because I felt like I could not connect with their topics or if I just did not comprehend what they had written. While I have my opinions about their style of writing I a sad to say that I do not have much in the way of the actual content of their writing. First I will start with Pratt, when first starting the piece I thought that I was going to enjoy it, she seemed to relate to her audience very well. She opened with a story about her son putting phonics to use trying to pronounce the names of baseball players from his baseball cards. It seemed like she was going to write about something credible on education. While I realize that this was initially written as a speech so there are tones that would have been involved that I am not privy to. When she said that she was going to
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Unformatted text preview: take her topic on a more abstract approach my mind immediately lost interest. I do not know if this was because I lost interest after that, or if it was just because I was tired and did not want to keep reading. Both of these are possibilities. What I did manage to pick up was that she was talking about how it is difficult to communicate when people come from two separate cultures. Moving on to Rosaldo, from what I was able to pick up I got more or less the same message, that it is difficult to understand another culture when you are an outsider. However, Rosaldo also showed that people have the ability to influence others with their opinions even if they come from different cultures. While at first everything may seem foreign to someone overtime they will become comfortable with it. I am sorry that I am not up to my usual standard of presenting my opinions (or more forcing my opinions on others). But, I truly just did not get much out of these readings....
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response#5u - take her topic on a more abstract approach my...

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