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Note4 - IV Polymerase chain reaction(PCR – review on your...

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Lecture 4 MCB 161 S. Harmer 01/14/10 Molecular Methods (vectors, libraries) DNA replication (part I) Reading: Watson text: pp 25 - 28; 120 - 126; 195 - 209; 230 – 254; plus, watch the animations posted on the ‘Assigned Reading’ web page. Problems: MBOC problem book: 5-20, 5-39, 5-41, 5-49, 5-53, 5-58 (A and B only), and 5-60 Molecular Methods I. Directional cloning II. in vitro transcription and translation; expression vectors III. Libraries A. Genomic libraries B. Screening libraries with nucleic acid probes
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) – review on your own Overview of DNA replication I. Chromosome features A. Centromeres – essential for proper segregation during mitosis and meiosis B. Telomeres – protect ends of chromosomes, ensure complete replication II. General replication mechanisms A. Semi-conservative and semi-discontinuous B. Leading and lagging strand synthesis primed by RNA primers C. Distinct origins of replication...
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