organization - Lecture 1 Bio Sci 104 Class Organizatio n...

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Lecture 1 1 Bio Sci 104 Winter 2010 Class Organization Class overview A. Focus of the course : Regulation of cell function. We will concentrate on three major areas of cell biology: 1. How does the molecular machinery function to generate the complex, highly organized structure of the cell? 2. How do cells communicate with one another? 3. How do cells regulate their proliferation and differentiation? Note that the last two areas are critical requirements for being a multicellular organism. A few examples: Cancer, Development and Immune system. B. A few important things to know: 1. Syllabus - a tentative schedule. 2. Grading : Two midterms (30% each of final grade) and a cumulative (1/4 previous +3/4 new lectures) final exam (40% of final grade). 3. The textbook is Alberts, Johnson, Lewis, Raff, Roberts, and Walter, Molecular Biology of the Cell, 5th edition. 4. My philosophy- I assume that you will do the reading in the textbook as it is assigned. I cannot emphasize enough how important this will be. You will be responsible for all the textbook assignments. I will not cover in the lecture everything that is in the
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organization - Lecture 1 Bio Sci 104 Class Organizatio n...

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