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Bio Sci 104 Winter 2010 Study Guide and Textbook Reading assignments (Week 1) Lectures 1-2 (Overview of Cell Machinery, Evolution, and How Cell Function Is Studied) Reading assignments: pages 10-42, 501-508, 510-524, 527-546, 566-568, 574-575, 579-608. If you only have the 4 th edition, here are the relevant pages: 12-44, 469-474, 478-515, 533-535, 541-543, 547-566, 574-579 The most important aspects to understand are: 1. the evolution into modern-day, cell-based organisms 2. the subcellular organelles of plant and animal cells, contrasted with the relative structural simplicity of bacteria 3. the origins of multicellular organisms, the implications of cell specialization, and the resulting need for cell-cell regulation and communication. 4. the various model organisms- yeast, worms, flies, mice, human, and arabidopsis 5. the basis, value, and limitations of the various methodologies presented (e.g. resolution limits of light microscopes versus electron microscopes etc.). 6.
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