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Bio Sci 104 Winter 2010 Study Guide for Textbook Readings (Week 2-3) Lecture 3 (Cell Membranes). Reading assignments: 5 th ed. pages 617-636, 642-645, 651- 680. (4 th ed: pages 583-599, 608-613, 615-641) Lecture 4-5 (Protein and Lipid Trafficking) and (Protein Targeting). Reading assignments : 5 th ed. pages 695-721, 723-745, 749-809 (4 th ed: pages 659 to 686, 689 to 709, 711 to 765) You are only responsible for the main text and figures. Contents in the panels and tables are FYI only (will not appear in exams). The most important aspects to understand are: 1. the general structure of lipids and lipid bilayers 2. membrane fluidity and factors that influence it 3. asymmetry of biological lipid bilayers, and its origins. existence of lipid rafts 4. means by which proteins associate with membranes 5. protein mobility in lipid bilayers and methods by which lipids and proteins can be confined to specific domains of membranes 6. the fundamental principles of membrane transport, ion channels, ion pumps, symport, and antiport 7.
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