LIL JI'S ESSAY - "He who does not feel me is not real...

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"He who does not feel me is not real to me, therefore he does not exist." This is one of the popular remarks made by the rapper Jay-Z. This single line of egocentric idea relates to many of us today in this society, especially to the growing teens in America, who in fact are vulnerable to absorbing the wrong perception in regards to the issue of homosexuality due to society's inadequate understanding of the differences betwee people. Perhaps our most rudimentry stereotype against homosexuality is so stubborn that it poses insurmountable challenge for homosexual people to overcome. Just like Jay-Z well reflects on the point that we are inclined to show indifference toward those who convey different perspectives according to various lifestyle. However, the very problem that emanates from this indifference permeates deeply within our society at the fairly subliminal level that it is hard to notice. One of the problem is hatred without reason generated in the heart of many ignorant people who does not want to care about difference, yet they claim the right to pass a rash judgement upon others without even knowing whether they really deserve such cold treatment. Therefore, people whose sexual orientation is different from those "straight" are buried alive in silence, considered as the subject of elimination so they become invisible. But if there is one thing I know for sure, the subculture of homosexuality can not be eradicated through sheer oppression and humiliation, rather it will continue to thrive while exploding its grudge against society's severe lack of respect toward its uniqueness. I hope to analyze the co-relation of teen's gender conception with the influence of media today by investigating one of the episode of "The Ugly Betty" in terms of how homosexuals are seen by many in our society. Media plays a major role in reinforcing the stereotype on homosexuality that has been embedded deeply within the perimeter of the society's
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LIL JI'S ESSAY - "He who does not feel me is not real...

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