MORAL REASON ESSAY - Ji Yun Kang Psyc 10H Moral Reasoning...

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Unformatted text preview: Ji Yun Kang Psyc 10H Moral Reasoning Essay March. 18. 2009 I have found Yunis as the subject for my experiment regarding the moral reasoning assignment. He is a dear friend of mine whose innate characteristic is marked by his mellow and gentle nature, yet adamant when it comes to the time of making important decision of his own. I have chosen him because I thought that he would be suitable for this test due to his unpredictable personality. Although I have known him for years, but it is still hard to discern what this guy is thinking in his head sometimes. I would say that his thought and opinion has always startled me because he typically comes up with ideas that are made outside of the normal range of others cognitions. The level of his analysis is quite outstanding compared to the guys at his age, for he knows how to think outside of the box. Not only is Yunis creative thinker, but also he is morally intact person. He is a Christian and his family came from South Korea. His family migrated into States eight years ago. The religion that he is involved with has a lot to do with his moral reasoning because it is guideline to which he has to abide accordingly. In terms of making his decision regarding moral dilemma, religion seems to influence the way he determines his position further than anyone can anticipate. Plus, his family plays a major role as well as his gender. I think that being 23 year old male causes him to be stubborn sometimes. The reason is because his perspective seems to be affected by his own belief that he should think and act like a man since he is one. Thus, his decision mainly resonates around his set motif that any decision must be made with manly manner. In Heinz dilemma, Yunis did not even hesitate to answer yes because he thought...
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MORAL REASON ESSAY - Ji Yun Kang Psyc 10H Moral Reasoning...

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