Paper#4-evaluating - Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw is an...

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Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw is an associate professor of English in University of Southern Indiana. She holds a Ph. D. in English from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. In her doctoral studies, she specialized in modern American fiction (minor emphases in modern British and French fiction). She wrote her dissertation on the role of the family in the novels of E. L. Doctorow. She currently teaches some composition and humanities courses, the second part of the American literature survey, women's literature (when it is offered), and the occasional seminar on the American novel. Her research interests include contemporary American and Canadian writers and women's literature, and she has published on Jack Kerouac, Simone de Beauvoir, Colette, the feminist literary critic Elaine Showalter, and the Irish playwright Anne Devlin. Her recent interest in Canadian fiction led to the development of a course on this subject. In her spare time, Susanna likes to read and travel. Dr. Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw Phone: 464-1752 Office: LA3041 Email: [email protected] [email protected]--------------------------------- Karen Bernardo ([email protected]) Website: My name is Karen Bernardo, and I'm the director of the Coburn Free Library in Owego, New York. (If you're wondering, though, they don't finance this site in any way.) I'm also a freelance writer and editor; and at various points in my life, I've been an in-house editor for a small press, an in- house editor for an academic publisher, a graphic designer, a desktop publishing consultant, and a staff writer for a weekly paper. I have a degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Binghamton University (known as the State University of New York at Binghamton when I went there). At , I review short stories because I write and love them. I
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Paper#4-evaluating - Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw is an...

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