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You make a good effort to explain the perspective and relate the authors' backgrounds to the behavior and values of their characters. Overall organization works well, and quotations from the first story are great choices to make your point. With some adjustments, this could be an excellent essay. - Work on your Thesis. All three writers exhibit some aspects of feminism, so you can use that as your topic rather than “gender and biographical backgrounds.” Read the file on Thesis to see how to focus the statement of your purpose. - Research sources: The purpose of the presentations was to gather information on all of the writers. You were not to use the other students’ original writing. Instead, you needed to go to the sources they had posted and use information from those sources in your
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Unformatted text preview: essay.- More background is needed on all three authors to make the application of your perspective convincing. For example, you make a great point in your discussion of Colette, but you need to include more information than her 3 divorces to show her strength and feminism. Works Cited- For these entries, you need to go to the original sources, not the students’ presentations: “Clarice Lispector.” Ed. Tanael, Mark. 15 November 2008. “Colette Sidonie Gabrielle.” Ed. Kang, Ji. 14. November 2008.- You also need to cite the original source of the information you take from your own presentation. -The Works Cited entries for the stories are incorrect. Read the Anthology Document file for help....
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