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JiYun Kang EWRT1B Feb.12.2009 Essay#1, Revised Dilemma of African American This piece of play is an utter garbage at its surface that deeply invokes the anger in the heart of audience while manifesting the potential risks lurking in any encounter with stranger. Dutchman, written by LeRoi Jones, could be taken to another level of understanding only if we are able to comprehend the profound meaning that lies below the context, which subtly reflects the social oppression and prejudice against African- American. However, I must admit that this play has effectively exposed the racial prejudice of America during 1960's. The reason being is that this poor man, Clay, does not discern the malice of a lunatic lady until he gets stabbed in his chest in the end. Lula plays a representative role of a racist who treats colored people just as animals, as opposed to Clay, being an African American, who tries to fit into White society at any cost. Simply put, the author wants to mirror the reality that black people at that time were forced to either assimilate with Caucasians while being criticized, or to maintain their unique identities while being the target of kill. From the beginning of encounter, Lula criticizes Clay with offensive remarks by assuming that he stared at herself with sexual intent. Without hesitation, Lula does not care about how Clay may feel as she keeps
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taunting Clay about the way he is dressed. In other words, Lula does not take any delight in seeing a black man who is trying to appear descent to the eyes of Caucasians. “I bet you never once thought you were a black nigger. Black Baudelaire”(19). Clay’s pretension is not about becoming an educated black; he actually aspires to be a Caucasian. Lula tries to
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Revised - JiYun Kang EWRT1B Feb.12.2009 Essay#1, Revised...

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