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Sula summary - comes back to the town After the ten years...

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Jiyun Kang EWRT 1B Feb. 20. 2009 Summary Love, Friendship, and Betrayal. The story called “Sula”, written by Toni Morrison, takes you through the friendship of two young black girls who come from different backgrounds. It gives you how their friendship has changed throughout their lives along with their love and loss. The Medallion in Ohio, where mostly blacks occupied, is the town where Sula and Nel live. Sula, who grows up in a liberal home, becomes a best friend with Nel, who comes from a conservative home. Although they are very different from one another, their friendship only appears to grow stronger throughout the years. Especially when Sula and Nel accidentally drown Chicken Little by throwing into the river, their friendship grows stronger by keeping a secret between the two. As they grow into adulthood, their friendship begins to be tested and their paths begin to drift apart. Nel meets a guy named Jude, and they get married. Sula has decided to leave the town, while Nel is left behind to raise a family. For ten years, Sula never
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Unformatted text preview: comes back to the town. After the ten years has passed, Sula decides to return to the town. As they wish, Nel and Sula have back their friendship, but it does not go long as Sula begins to have an affair with Jude, Nel’s husband. This affair soon leads to the end of Sula and Nel’s friendship as Nel finds out them in the same bed. Nel loses her best friend and husband on that day. Jude leaves Nel, and Sula ends up the relationship with Jude. Later, Sula starts to see guy names Ajax; however, he breaks up with her when he finds out Sula loves him as he is only interested in having sex with her. Few years later, Nel hears that Sula is very sick, she comes to see her. This is the only reunion they share after Nel finds out Sula’s affair with Jude. By seeing Sula again, Nel realizes how she had pushed her friend away as she has only focused on her family. At the end Nel visits Sula’s grave, cries out and mourns her loss and missing her best friend, Sula....
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