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Summary - Ji Kang EWRT 1B DUE Summary for the reading...

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Ji Kang EWRT 1B DUE: 2/2/2009 Summary for the reading packet. Hanging Fire This poem is about the helplessness of a teenage girl that she is going through the turmoil during the time of her life. There seems to be complicated, inexplicable feeling involved with her mental, physical growth while the girl is in despair due to the indifference of her mother toward herself. She worries that life is overwhelming that there are “too much to be done” but “nothing that I want to do” meanwhile her mother is not around to take a good care of her kid. Her anxiety and stress outweighs her positive hope of the future that she constantly expresses her concern as to whether or not she will even grow up before she dies. Barbie Doll This poem explicitly points out that female is the passive subject of society who tend to be controlled by the constant demand of others that expect perfection in terms of appearance. The protagonist in the poem is described to be “tested”, “advised” by others. Since the day of birth, she is assessed and evaluated by others to be “healthy, intelligent, and sexually active.” In the middle of the poem the girl is conditioned to think that she must be physically in shape as she is advised to diet, exercise, and behave the way others expect her to do at mere surface. Until the day of her funeral, the poet sarcastically illustrates the sad truth that even during the last day of her life; she must be decorated, and dressed just like a Barbie doll. The poem in overall criticizes the trend in our society that appearance has become the sole measurement of women. Theme for my English B The poet wants to manifest the infallible truth that there is no fine line drawn between people to separate one from the other based on the difference in the color of skin. By taking the assignment that his college instructor gave him to do for the class, the poet directly challenges the question as he admits that he can not be sure if he is true or not because he does not even know who he is in real. Putting aside the discussion of his identity, the poet asserts the mutual relationship between every American that must be improvised by the collaboration of individuals. The poet is insisting that everyone learns from each other, which leads to the ultimate fact that no one is above or below the other. Sonny’s Blue This story unfolds as Sonny’s brother, who is an elementary school teacher comes to read the news on the paper that Sonny got arrested for using heroin. A friend of Sonny visits to the school where Sonny’s brother works to tell him about the news that he is already aware of. As they precede the conversation regarding Sonny and street life, Sonny’s brother starts to notice how Sonny has been hanging around the wrong people
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away from his home, realizing the inevitable truth that Sonny will repeat the same thing over and over again until he ends up dying the wrong death. Sonny’s brother sends a
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