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Jiyun Kang EWRT1B Jan. 18. 2009 Dutchman Summary This piece of play is a utter garbage at surface that deeply invokes the anger in the heart of audience while, at the same time, intimidating audience about potential risks lurking in any encounter with stranger. Dutchman, written by LeRoi Jones, could be taken to another level of understanding only if we are able to comprehend the profound meaning that lies below the context which well illustrates the vivid social oppression and prejudice against African-American. The play takes place on a subway and has two main characters who are a twenty-year-old African American man named Clay and a thirty-year-old white woman named Lula. In the beginning of the story, Clay sits alone on the subway, reading a book. As the train decreases the speed to stop for a station, Clay sees an attractive woman standing in the station and staring at him through the window. The woman smiles at Clay, and he smiles back. As the subway train
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Unformatted text preview: starts to move again, the woman gets into the subway where Clay is seated. They flirt with each other but Lula acts weird like a crazy person. She laughs at Clay, makes fun of him, and directly insults him. She pretends that she knows everything about him. She sexually teases him, asking to go party together and talking about having sex later. She keeps lying on every single word she speaks. Later, people start to get on the subway and Lula starts laughing and running into people. Finally, Clay gets really mad and starts yelling about her psychotic behavior. He begins to talk loudly what he has been hiding and he tries to make her stop. However, as the subway goes dim, she kills clay. At the end, she is on a subway with another young black man. It implies that she will do the same thing what she has done to Clay to this new victim...
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