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JiYun Kang EWRT1B-62Z Essay#4 08.Dec.2008 Title When I took Speech 1 class in De Anza College in the year 2007 fall, students in the class were assigned to prepare for persuasive speech that was supposed to be the last work of the quater. As a useful tip for our information, the teacher suggested that we pick the topic that is more familiar to us by skin instead of choosing something that is new to us, hence we could easily add on more relevant information to facillitate the overall theme of the speech, not to mention the benefit of speaking with confidence and reassurance to be extemporaneous rather than reading stuffs written from another piece of paper. Likewise, I do believe that same must be true to many professional writers, or poets that they sometimes, not all time, relate quite a few portion of their literatures to their past experiences and lives. It would be very rudimentry and blunt just to assume that all writers directly emulate their personal stories in their fictional writings, however, we can deny the fact that it also gives edge to writers in smoothly, realistically devising a piece of good work instead of relying on sheer imagination, which takes tremenduous talent and effort. For the inspiration sake, they must dig deep down within themselves to reach out for something that inspire them from inside out. Writing, I believe, is the work of sentiment and soul, not a byproduct of rational cognition of human beings. If it were, all the stories in the textbook we are reading for this class will sound dry and placid like troubleshooting guidebook for a vehicle. However, most of the stories in the book tell us they have unpredictable, interesting elements that keep us guessing and focused. This implies that writing involves menifastation of writer's passion. The passion that drives them to effectively project their voices and souls to readers through various techniques, namely conntation, implication, satire, and methods of embelishment. Therefore, they could come up with something that is lively. To accomplish this, writers learn to visit their own trail of pathways that they have walked on. I want to take Sidonie-Cabrielle Colette for the example throughout this paper to claim the point that, to some extent, fictional writings tend to be derived from the real life experiences of the writers because they can better repressent the honest insights and feelings. In the story of "The Other Wife", a couple, in all likelihood on their honeymoon, stop for
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1b last one - JiYun Kang EWRT1B-62Z Essay#4 08.Dec.2008...

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