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Ji Yun Kang EWRT1B Adjective Clauses Exercise One 1. I’ve heard the rumors which have been circling the campus. 2. Samantha returned the record which had a scratch. 3. Emma gazed with dismay at her in-laws who were leaving the house walking on their hands. 4. Agnes was pleased with the gift of yellow roses that Tom had brought for her. 5. I took the class that you recommended. 6. Hank who has no scruples took the last piece of cherry pie. 7. My cousin arrived with Count whom she had been secretly dating for weeks. 8. You heard his voice, which is the lunatic, in next room. This is lunatic that you heard in the next room.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. I support the team from Ireland whose skill is unquestionable. 10. The streets which were covered with smashed and rotting fruit were beginning to stink. 11. The shoes which are covered with mud need to be cleaned. 12. Charlie is going to get what’s coming to him who teased Cindy all day. 13. Stanley whom I admire has recently arrived in San Francisco. 14. Dale whom nothing bothers always maintains his composure 15. Richard whose fluency in Italian amazed me explained our dilemma. 16. John studied the winter in Indonesia where he studied exotic fish....
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