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1) Samia in "Another Evening at the Club" by Rifaat Alifa is imprisoned by her fear of husband- the fear of disappointing her husband. Samia's husband is the source of Samia's power and dignity. Despite knowing what is right thing to do, she ends up giving in to the will of her husband to keep everything quiet instead of revealing the truth. She is fearful because of her dependence upon her husband as a wife, hence she can not dare arguing with this man who literally took care of everything in her life. "He the one who carried the responsibilities, made the decisions, she the one whose role it was to be beautiful, happy, carefree"(Rifaat 57). However, Singh in "Gateman's Gift" is also imprisoned by his personal zinx that register letter has always carried him a bad news all based on his personal experience. He fears that he might arouse the fit of rage in the general manager to whom he had given his masterpiece. "Any letter would have upset Singh, he had received less than three letters in his life. .."I don't want it," said Singh"(Narayan 241-242). Samia and Singh both are entrapped by the false belief that any behavior or word might offend the recipients and it influenced them to become paranoid of others' opinion or mood. 4) Toer in "Inem" reflects the Inem's humble acknowledgement of the unfortunate circumstances as the fate of her life in the end. Inem could not stand the abuse of her husband, so she decides to divorce in hope of getting away from the harsh treatment, yet she only finds even more harsh reality where people, even her own family, reject due to the reason that she is no use to them
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Document1 - 1 Samia in"Another Evening at the Club by...

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