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EDUC41#2 - concentrate in the class I observed her for a...

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Ji Yun Kang EDUC41 Feb. 06. 2009 How to Be an Effective Teacher When I look back on my school days, I realized that students like teacher who makes us feel that he or she cares us. That is the most important thing I think teacher should have. It can be started with memorizing students’ name. I am able to control my class better and have more respect if I memorize students’ name. First day on Graham Middle School, I tried to remember students’ name whenever Mr. McGee called them. On the second day of class, I was able to impress them by showing them I know some of students’ name. Next, teacher should know how to talk to students. It does not mean teacher needs to chit-chat with students in the class. Teacher needs to keep her/his eyes on each one of students and to know what they need. For example, I saw a student who does not
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Unformatted text preview: concentrate in the class. I observed her for a while, and I talked to her if there was anything wrong. She hesitated and started talking about her problem in her family. Early adolescence children are sometimes aggressive but very sensitive at the same time. If you approach them with care, they open their mind and talk about the thing deep inside of their mind. I believer to be an effective teacher he or she should know to open students’ mind. In other words, teacher should gain respect and confidence from students. There are more things that teacher should have to be an effective teacher. By experiencing working in real field, I hope that I could develop my skill to deal with students, and to be an effective teacher eventually....
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