Essay#2 - Ji Kang EWRT1B Essay#2 2/18/2009 Essay on Sonnys...

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Ji Kang EWRT1B Essay#2 2/18/2009 Essay on “Sonny’s Blue” If there is one lesson I learned throughout my life, it would be that life has a funny way of coming back to bite you with the same teeth that you had sunken into others. People often call it “Karma”, which pertains to the universal consensus in which good ones may or may not get the rewards, yet bad ones always pay the price for any wrong they have done. However, it does not always work the same way as it is meant to. Some bad ones get away from due punishments just as easy as a piece of cake while some good ones face the unreasonable sufferings that they do not deserve. To be short, life is not fair. I would adamantly say that it can not be, nor it has never been fair supposedly ever since the first day of the world. Sad truth is no one knows what future holds for us. We cannot even see how next few minutes or seconds may totally render our lives; we can only, helplessly predict as if a blind would feel the terrain of the street ahead with a rod when walking. In “Sonny’s Blue”, James Baldwin beautifully illustrates two brother’s growth as human beings as they learn to carry on their dreams and passions while embracing the pain of life that seem unreasonable and odd. Baldwin’s early experiences became integral to his writings. “The eldest of nine children, he was born in 1924 in Harlem to a preacher and his wife. At that time, Harlem was the country’s largest black community. It was home to many blacks who had come to the North to escape the severe repression of the Jim Crow laws in the South” (Jennifer). Living in the most dreadful area of United States, Baldwin’s adolescent period became
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the stepping stone to his way of perceiving pain in life, representing the hardships that typical African American would go through. Baldwin describes the inevitable sufferings that take place in many forms in different people’s lives no matter who they may be. In the story, Sonny faces the dilemma in which he is viewed as mediocre musician with unpromising future by his
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Essay#2 - Ji Kang EWRT1B Essay#2 2/18/2009 Essay on Sonnys...

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