EWRT1B-#1essay final

EWRT1B-#1essay final - JiYun Kang EWRT1B Jan.23.2009...

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JiYun Kang EWRT1B Jan.23.2009 Essay#1 Episode in the Garden of Eden This piece of play is a utter garbage at surface that deeply invokes the anger in the heart of audience while, at the same time, intimidating audience about potential risks lurking in any encounter with stranger. Dutchman, written by LeRoi Jones, could be taken to another level of understanding only if we are able to comprehend the profound meaning that lies below the context which well illustrates the vivid social oppression and prejudice against African-American. However, I must admit that this play has exaggerated the racist aspect of America during 1960's though I do not know what it was like for colored people to live in realm of hatred and stereotype. The reason being is that this poor man, Clay, does not notice the malintention of this lunatic until he gets stabbed in his chest in the end. Lula plays a representative role as a racist who wants to make colored people to understand their own lack of integrity as human beings while Clay pertains to the African Americans' fervent endeavors to fit into the American society when the racial tension was at its peak. Simply put, Baraka wants the audience to face the reality that it is inevitable for black to choose to either assimilate with Caucasians while being criticized, or to maintain their unique identities while being killed. It is certainly unlikely that a man in his right
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mind would let the total stranger to keep approaching him with impolite manner and remark, besides it is very uncommon for anyone to proceed a conversation with a
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EWRT1B-#1essay final - JiYun Kang EWRT1B Jan.23.2009...

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