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IB 150 Fall 2009 Unit 3 Concept Map The following is the start of a concept map for many (but not all) of the material covered in Unit 3. It is NOT an exhaustive list of everything you need to know . It is intended to help you connect SOME of the ideas – those connections will be important for the exam (see Learning Goals for Unit 3). Some connections between concepts have been indicated, but the nature of the connection (i.e., HOW they are connected) has not been indicated (that’s your study task). For more details in the use of concept maps, see Bioskills 6 at the end of your textbook). Also note that not all possible connections have been made (as a study exercise try to find those that have not been made).
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Fick’s Law Resource Acquisition Photosynthesis Autotrophs ATP Feeding Heterotrophs Body Size glucose Cellular respiration Ability to acquire Ability to expel O 2 H 2 O CO 2 H 2 O Ability to acquire Ability to expel k Surface area-to-volume ratio
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Unformatted text preview: Area Concentration difference Thickness of barrier Diffusion Body shape Organ systems Photosynthesis Light Dependent Reactions Light Independent Reactions Chloroplast Inputs H 2 O sunlight Outputs glucose Outputs ATP O 2 Thylakoid Inputs CO 2 ATP stroma Root system Shoot system Surface area Thickness Anatomy Plant form Transition to Land Tradeoffs Different properties of air and water Challenges faced Adaptation Constraints Organismal form Digestive System digestion small intestine large intestine folds villi microvil i saliva teeth stomach small intestine Dental occlusion absorbtion Respiratory System ventilation diffusion Positive pressure ventilation Negative pressure ventilation mouth ribs diaphragm lungs alveoli gills arches filaments lamellae Circulatory System circulation diffusion Blood vessels heart chambers of the heart capillaries Sytemic circuit Pulmonary circuit...
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Unit3ConceptMap - Area Concentration difference Thickness...

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