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Bryan Salgado A.P. Literature Period #1 January 7 2010 A.P. Literature Essay In act 1 scene 2 of William Shakespeare’s, “King Lear”, Shakespeare provides us a quote that characterizes the bastard child, Edmund. Through his use of figurative language, he is able to create a psychological scenario which shows us the troubling mind of Edmund. Shakespeare’s use of figurative language and the social beliefs of the people at that time helped characterize Edmund as a critical, free-minded, manipulative and sarcastic person. In this speech, Edmund is portrayed as being critical to society’s then-current social beliefs. “Lag of brother? Why bastard? Wherefore base?” Edmund can be characterized here as critical toward the beliefs of society because he is asking himself why do they treat him like a nobody. Edmund renders the words "base", "bastard", and "illegitimate" as meaningless. He states this because he believes that his personality could have come from any act of compounding or any women. The repetition of the words “base” and “bastard” do not mean anything to Edmund; he simply sees those words as if they were breath. Edmund is seen as
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25128155-AP-Lit-Essay-Lear-2 - Bryan Salgado A.P....

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