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CSC 375 Program 2 George Corser 2009 March 2 Program 2 Asymptotic Analysis My implementation of Program 2 is Θ(n). For every input, i.e. for every currency amount read into the program, the program loops through the linked list of currency denominations exactly once. This indicates a linear relationship between inputs and run time. While I did not test it as thoroughly as Program 1, I did run Program 2 against the Program 1 data. Specifically, I used the integer inputs, p1-10000.txt (10,000 integers) through p1-50000.txt (50,000 integers). The file p1-50000.txt was the largest input file I had conveniently available. Smaller files led to inconclusive results because they were hard to time.
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Unformatted text preview: You see, I didnt use the computer clock. I used my own office clock and the ol 1-Mississippi, 2-Mississippi method. The results werent precise, but they did tend to support that the program runs in (n) time. 50 time (seconds) inputs (number of integers) Program 2 Run Times Time 9 19 30 41 49 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000 As the chart above indicates, the time to run Program 2 was roughly proportional to the number of inputs. It was almost exactly a linear relationship between inputs and run time....
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