Uf - int root1 = FIND(a Find root of node a int root2 = FIND(b Find root of node b return root1!= root2 Compare roots void Gentree:UNION(int a int

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// uf.h - path compression AND weighted union class Gentree { // Gentree for UNION/FIND private: int* array; // Node array int size; // Size of node array int FIND(int) const; // Find root public: Gentree(int); // Constructor ~Gentree() { delete [] array; } // Destructor void UNION(int, int); // Merge equivalences bool differ(int, int); // TRUE if not in same tree int display(int) const; void breakwall(int) const; }; Gentree::Gentree(int sz) { // Constructor size = sz; array = new int[sz * 5]; // Create node array for(int i=0; i<sz; i++) array[i] = ROOT; // make all nodes roots for(int i=sz; i<5*sz; i++) array[i] = 1; // make all walls walled-off } // Return TRUE if nodes are in different trees bool Gentree::differ(int a, int b) {
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Unformatted text preview: int root1 = FIND(a); // Find root of node a int root2 = FIND(b); // Find root of node b return root1 != root2; // Compare roots } void Gentree::UNION(int a, int b) { // Merge two subtrees int root1 = FIND(a); // Find root of node a int root2 = FIND(b); // Find root of node b if (root1 != root2) array[root2] = root1; // Merge } int Gentree::FIND(int curr) const { // With path compression findcalls++; treetraversals++; if (array[curr] == ROOT) return curr; // At root return array[curr] = FIND(array[curr]); } int Gentree::display(int curr) const { // for displaying maze return array[curr]; } void Gentree::breakwall(int wall) const { // for connecting maze array[wall] = 0; }...
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