West Beirutu - Middle East through this story. While I...

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West Beirut Review This movie is a depiction of Beirut in 1975 during the Civil War where Beirut was split between West (Muslim) and East (Christian) Beirut. It focuses on the life of three teens that are forced to grow up and mature faster than they would have preferred. I found this movie to be extremely well made. Considering this movie was made in 1999 and based in 1975 I have a feeling some of the culture has changed but not to a great extent. I was able to actually get a clearer understanding what it is like living in the
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Unformatted text preview: Middle East through this story. While I would argue that the acting could have been better, when I noticed that the main characters were teenagers it’s understandable that some of the things might seem contrived. The story was there to make up for the acting however, managing to turn a war (something devastating) and turn it into something that can show the beauty of a culture....
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