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Who are the De Lacy family in Frankenstein They are a family exiled from France and living in the woods. The father of the family is blind and befriends Frankenstein’s creature. How long did it take the creature to reach Geneva from the De Lacey s cabin in chapter 16 of Frankenstein Nearly a year When Victor first meets professor Krempe how does the scholar treat Victors educational background He is scornful and says Victor must start over In Chapter 1 of Frankenstein , when his good friend Beaufort died, Alphonse Frankenstein… Took care of and later married Beaufort's daughter, Caroline. Mary Shelley was the daughter of which two prominent writers? Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin In Chapter 4 of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, as the completion of his work nears, how does Victor feel? He is terrified about the outcome of his work. What was the scientific theory pertaining to electricity (which Mary Shelley learned as a child in her father's intellectual salons) that in part inspired Frankenstein ? Galvanic electricity How old was Mary Shelley When she wrote Frankenstein 19 What was the verdict in Justine Moritz's trial in Frankenstein ? She was found guilty and sentenced to hang. What is remarkable about Elizabeth's introduction to Victor in Chapter 1 of Frankenstein ? Caroline declares that Elizabeth belongs to Victor, and the two will wed some day. What does Victor do all night after running from his room in chapter 5 of 'Frankenstein?' He paces in a small courtyard, contemplating the monster he's created. . How does Victor feel his childhood was? Wonderful: he had a great childhood and thinking about it still makes him very happy. What big problem is Victor still facing at the end of chapter 5 of 'Frankenstein?' His creation / monster is still out there somewhere.
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