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POLS 155 10-15-07 notes electoral college

POLS 155 10-15-07 notes electoral college - i For all...

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POLS 155 10-15-07 1) Electoral College a) Bush defeated Gore in the 2000 election 271 (bush) to 267 (gore) b) 538 Total electoral college votes i) 435 seats in house of representatives ii) +100 seats in the senate iii) +Washington D.C (3 votes) iv) Equals 538 votes c) In order to win presidency you must get 50% +1 of total electoral college votes (270) i) If no one gets to the 50% +1 vote mark (3 rd party candidate) (1) Under constitution, vote for president would be thrown to house of representatives (a) Thomas Jefferson (1800) house of representatives elected Jefferson ii) Same for vice president, but senate would decide d) States decide how electoral college votes are distributed
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Unformatted text preview: i) For all states except Nebraska and Maine, its winner takes all ii) Nebraska and Maine do theirs by congressional districts e) Following 2000 election, there was a call to scrap the Electoral College and go to a nationwide popular vote. “archaic system” f) Who are the electors? i) Not members of congress ii) Come from each state’s political party iii) 55 electoral college votes in CA (1) Republicans choose 55 people (2) Democrats choose 55 people (3) Green party “ “ (4) Libertarian “ “ (5) And so on for every political party g)...
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