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faludi + loffreda (final draft) - Bryan Mulligan Expository...

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Bryan Mulligan Expository Writing 101: Section JQ November 5 , 2007 Instructor: Nicole Kenley Xenophobia Change is not an easy thing for people to accept , especially societal change. For example when immigrants come from other countries to the United States it is hard for us to accept them because by doing so we must change our preexisting traditions . As a xenophobic country this is not something we are willing to accept . In “Selections from Losing Matt Shepard” by Beth Loffreda we see the xenophobic nature of the United States represented by the microcosm of Laramie , Wyoming. Laramie, Wyoming is a place associated with manly things such as cowboys , rodeos, etc. When Matt Shepard, a homosexual, challenges this masculine tradition of Laramie by simply choosing a different lifestyle and not conforming to the masculine traditions he is brutally murdered . The essay “The Naked Citadel” by Susan Faludi, explores a different microcosm of the United States in the form of an all boys military-styled academy named The Citadel . In this essay Shannon Faulkner applies to this academy, an institution where abuse and the degradation of women is an everyday occurrence . Shannon aggressively challenges the masculine traditions of The Citadel by not conforming to them . Non-participants can either be passive like Matt Shepard or aggressive like Shannon Faulkner however both types of non- participants challenge the masculine tradition by not conforming to it . Traditions are beliefs or customs that are passed on from one generation to the next . The goal of traditions is to preserve how things were in the past . In Laramie, Wyoming the tradition of masculinity has been passed down since the times of the western frontier when Wyoming was
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mainly populated by cowboys and farmers . A western man had to be tough, self reliant, rugged, and have other qualities that are “manly” in order to survive the elements and provide for his family . Even Wyoming’s state quarter reflects this tradition by having a picture of a cowboy riding a bucking bronco on the back of it . However because of our xenophobic nature, when people like Matthew Shepard choose not to participate in the masculine tradition , they are perceived as a threat . Nonconformists, despite their passiveness, are looked upon as a danger to the traditions of the past however in most cases they would prefer to peacefully live their lives in the way that they choose . The homosexual community of Laramie fits into the passive non-participant category
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faludi + loffreda (final draft) - Bryan Mulligan Expository...

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