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Bryan Mulligan Expository Writing 101: Section JQ Instructor: Nicole Kenley December 3, 2007 Sanctuaries One’s normal reaction towards something unpleasant is to avoid it; it is a reflex that is common to everyone. However different people have different strategies towards avoiding these inconvenient aspects of life. One common response is to create a sanctuary where one cannot be bothered by the inconveniences. These sanctuaries are fictional worlds where the inhabitants can go to temporarily escape the world of reality with all of its inconveniences. In the essays, “When I Woke up Tuesday Morning, it was Friday” by Martha Stout, “The Naked Citadel” by Susan Faludi, and “Selections from Reading Lolita in Tehran ” by Azar Nafisi each group of people respond similarly to different negative aspects of their lives by creating sanctuaries which shield them from the harshness of reality. In Stout’s essay, her therapy patients create mental sanctuaries where they can hide from abuse or horrific memories from their pasts. In “The Naked Citadel” the students who want to escape the demanding and sometimes degrading lifestyle of a cadet make the Treehouse their sanctuary. Nafisi’s essay concerns a group of women that live in the chauvinistic society of Iran and who create a book club where they can escape the oppressive society imposed on them by a stern ayatollah. Each group creates a fantasy world, a sanctuary where they can go to so that they can temporarily escape the harshness of reality. Though they would prefer to live in their fictional sanctuaries that they have created, these sanctuaries are only fictional and ultimately the world of reality is more real and is that to which they truly belong. Sanctuaries are not necessarily concrete places with walls and a roof, as shown in Stout’s
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last essay (rough draft) - Bryan Mulligan Expository...

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