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pols 155 10-12-07 note the primaries

pols 155 10-12-07 note the primaries - i Different from...

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1. Keys to running a successful campaign a. Money i. Fundraisers ii. One person in charge of raising money iii. Money isn’t only for advertisement 1. Campaign staff salaries b. Strategy i. George Bush: Compassionate conservative theme (2000 election) 1. Not too complicated for the voters ii. Obama – willing to bring people together who disagree 1. c. Scheduling i. Choose events that benefit the person running for office the most 1. Districts/states that aren’t already “won” 2. Target people willing to vote for you 3. Effectively schedule candidate’s time 2. Primaries a. Closed i. Have to be registered with that political party if you want to vote in that primary b. Open i. Allow you to decide which primary you want to participate in on the day of the election c. Blanket i.
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Unformatted text preview: i. Different from open ii. All of candidates are on the ballot regardless of what party they are from iii. California 2000 election used blanket primary 1. Democrats and Republicans filed lawsuit saying blanket primary is unconstitutional 2. Unfair. People not from their party are selecting who is going to be running for that party. 3. Supreme court ruled blanket primary illegal and unconstitutional a. Too late to reprint ballot iv. Beneficial to 3 rd party candidates d. Caucus i. Smaller populated states conduct caucuses ii. On the night of the election you go to a meeting 1. You must be part of that political party iii. Selecting someone who is a delegate for someone who is running for president iv....
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